Jess Mckewin

Vocal & Performance Coach

Singing is one of the most vulnerable things you can do. To bare your soul fearlessly, tell your story and connect to people is music’s greatest gift. My passion is helping people achieve this by finding their voice.

I’m dedicated to teaching my students to engage with their creativity, maintain a healthy voice, communicate with real, raw emotions, challenge themselves and most importantly, find their confidence.

As a qualified vocal coach with a Diploma of Music and over 15 years of singing and performance experience, I have a vast array of knowledge and practical skills that have led me to be the vocal coach I am today. Battling stage fright, performance anxiety and lack of confidence first hand, and overcoming them through music gives me a greater insight into my students struggles and methods to help them overcome their battles as artists.

I adore that each singer is different and tailor each lesson to the individual. Life would be boring if we were all the same! I encourage all of my students to take pride in their individuality and work to develop their voice in personalised one-on-one lessons in my home studio.